Deputy Donald E. Callahan

End of Watch (EOW): October 2, 1993

Deputy Donald E. Callahan retired from the Concord Police Department after a long career of public service. Deputy Callahan was then hired by the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Department and was planning on working as a Court Bailiff beginning in the year1993. In Late September of 1993, Deputy Callahan was participating in a mandatory physical agility test for the Sheriff’s Department being held at the Memorial Field and Track in Concord, NH.

During the mandatory run exercise Deputy Sherriff Callahan suffered a medical issue and collapsed on the track. He received immediate medical attention to include CPR and he was transported to the Concord Hospital located near the field.

In spite of all medical efforts Deputy Callahan passed away on October 2, 1993. The cause of death was listed as an apparent heart attack while participating in this required physical agility test.